How To Care For Bamboo Towels

Bamboo towels? What are those? Although bamboo products such as area rugs and flooring have become more commonplace not as many people are familiar with bamboo towels. Naturally, it sounds like an odd idea to make a towel out of a material that is tough and grainy. However, because of the manner in which they are manufactured bamboo towels rival almost any other towel type in softness.

Once a person gets their hands on a bamboo towel there is no turning back. So how does one take care of these high quality towels? What is the best way to preserve this exceptional softness?

There are a few practices one can carry out to get the most out of their sustainable bamboo towels.

First, follow the washing instructions to the letter. They are not overly complicated. However, cleaning bamboo towels improperly can result in a damaged good. Use your washer machine’s most delicate cycle. Other settings tear at the bamboo fibers, and although these fibers are resilient, over time degrade their quality faster than normal. The gentle cycles allow for a thoroughly cleaned towel without grating it. Also it is best to wash bamboo towels in cold water. 

As with washing, dry your bamboo towels on a slow tumble dry setting. More intense cycles can overly heat and work the towels degrading their quality. Remember also not to overstuff your washer or dryer. Not only does such a practice put your expensive machines on a path of destruction, everything is cleaned less effectively.

Do not employ bleach or fabric softeners either because the rayon fibers extracted from the bamboo do not react favorably to them. They can ruin a beautiful towel’s aesthetic or eat away at its thickness.

Second, upon sighting any loose strings hanging from your bamboo towels, remove them immediately. These strings can get caught on things and end up ripping into the towel. It is best to use a scissors and not your hands for this. Ripping by hand is difficult, due to the strong nature of the bamboo material, and it leads to unraveling. We have all experienced pulling a thread from a shirt that seems to never end, as the shirt starts to disappear into your hand. A simply snip will do.

Third, storage is important. You do not want to leave your towel in a place when heat comes out, such as floor vents. This is a fire hazard as with leaving any materials near constant heat sources. You’re also better off keeping them in a closet as opposed to the basement or the bathroom. A bathroom is not the worst place for them but closets give them the most protect from variations in temperature and moisture, ensuring longevity. Obviously, the basement is a bad idea because it is inconvenient and basements are usually the dingiest rooms in a home.

Fourth, treat your bamboo towels like any other high quality good you possess. Use them as they are meant to be used, i.e., drying off after washing up or showering. Clean them when they get dirty. And, most essentially, enjoy the unique qualities they have to offer (e.g., extreme softness and absorption).

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