Bamboo Towels

When most people hear the word bamboo and towel together, they either respond with shock or curiosity. Bamboo on the surface is a tough material that is used to replace many hardwood floors because it is a sustainable material. For it is easy to replenish one’s supply of bamboo once it is harvested for commercial use, because it can grow up to a foot in a day.

But why use such a tough material to make a towel? Well, bamboo in its natural form is not what is used to make bamboo towels. What manufacturers do is convert the cellulose in bamboo’s fiber into rayon. These rayon fibers are extremely soft. In fact, ConsumerReports.org1 reports that, "According to our latest tests, those [towels] woven from a new, touted blend of cotton and bamboo were about 25 percent softer after laundering, on average, than their all-cotton counterparts." As surprising as this is, is a respected authority on establishing such claims, and so is very likely right.

That said, not only are bamboo towels comprised, in part (many are part cotton), of one the most sustainable materials known to man, but they offer a superior consumer experience than their 100% cotton counterparts. Bamboo towels do cost a bit more, generally speaking, than regular towels. However, noting their overall superiority as a product, not to mention to their notable longevity, the consumer is getting more for their money with this product.

Plus, depending on the manufacturer, you can purchase bamboo towels that do not have chemical dyes in them, offering a fresh off-white color that accents nearly any bathroom. Bamboo towels are also known to be highly absorbent as well as antibacterial. This is the case because the natural fibers inside of bamboo stalks possess a unique set of qualities that make it, at the same time, both absorbent and antibacterial.

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