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Carpet is becoming more and more obsolete these days. This is a result of significant movement in environmental consciousness throughout the world. When consumers are looking to alter the style and aesthetic of their floors, more and more now include eco-impacts as a part of their research. The idea is to balance the look one may be going for, with the "eco-footprint" of the product itself. Since bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth it and is thus considered a one of the most sustainable materials on Earth bamboo flooring products are revolutionizing the flooring world. To manufacture rugs with bamboo, as compared to polypropylene, nylon, or polyester, which is what other carpets are typically made of, is considerably more environmental. For, those polymers and human engineered materials tend to release unsafe toxins into water tables and the air, polluting the planet long after they’re thrown out. That said, bamboo rugs are "in."

As hardwood floors come in a vast array of stains and finishes, so does bamboo. Generally speaking, bamboo offers a soft tan shade, since this is its natural color. But with staining and such, it is possible to obtain darker finishes. The border or outline of most bamboo rugs are made of cotton cloth. The cloth comes in basically any color one can think of, though browns and beiges are the most common. Those looking for an Asian motif in their residences can’t do much better than having a series of bamboo rugs throughout their household. Bamboo rugs also go well with modern contemporary styles which are increasingly centered around "green" and "green-looking" items.

Bamboo rugs have a lot more to offer than traditional rugs. First, as already noted, they are environmentally-friendly. Second, they offer a unique style which other rugs are incapable of replicating. Third, bamboo rugs are known to last considerably longer than their polypropylene counterparts. This is because bamboo consists of a tough material that is undoubtedly more resilient than the polyester twists of a regular carpet. Fourth, it is much healthier for you. How can a rug be healthy or unhealthy? Regular carpet material can reduce indoor air quality (IAQ) over time. The fibers get ground down to smaller and smaller pieces. This creates a lot of very fine and very loose chemical stained, and often bacteria-ridden, fibers. Since these fibers are so loose, they get into the indoor air of residence, contributing to allergies, colds, and asthma.

These concerns do not exist for bamboo floor coverings because it does not break down into tiny air-born fibers. Also, bamboo is moisture resistant and mostly non-porous so it doesn’t soak up spills and absorb food matter. As a result, mold or bacteria do not afflict bamboo rugs. These rugs are also easier to clean and require less maintenance than your regular rug. A simple once over with the broom or damp cloth will generally pick up any dirt and foreign material on your carpet.

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