Bamboo Placemats

Already have live bamboo in your house or bamboo rugs? What better to complement them than with bamboo placemats? These days bamboo is everywhere because it is the most efficient carbon dioxide converter in the plant world. This being the case, huge bamboo farms are being created to meet with consumer demands for bamboo. These farms, if managed properly and not allowed to overrun local ecosystems, help our earth absorb the obscene amounts of CO2 we put into the air everyday while we chop down huge forests to make way for cow pastures.

Although, by themselves their impact is not monumental, it is a step in the right direction. Furthermore, by purchasing bamboo placemats instead of plastic petro-based mats, not only are you supporting a good product but you are not supporting an environmentally-harmful product. You can make a stand for the planet every time you make a purchase – why not? Sure some bamboo placemats may cost a bit more than their plastic counterparts, but in the end you are spending the same money because they last so long.

As far as styles, bamboo placemats come in virtually any style or color you can think of. From bright summer colors like yellow and magenta to an unadorned natural bamboo look, it’s all available. Another thing to consider is that bamboo is non-porous and moisture resistant, so when your kids spill on it a simple wipe down will do. This is not so true of many placemats that over time become saturated in food particles and liquids which make it unsanitary for use. Bamboo placemats make for a great addition to a patio or deck set up. They add color and style to your dining experience, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

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