Bamboo Curtains

Not all bamboo curtains are created equal. That is to say, some are created with the wellbeing of our planet in mind and others are not. This split occurs in a variety of ways. Many, unfortunately, fashion their designs on the curtains with noxious chemical treatments. These are not only unhealthy for those who work in the factories where bamboo curtains are made, but when the curtains end up in the garbage dump their decomposition re-releases many of these harmful chemicals into the water and the air. Fortunately, however, there are more and more companies coming out who are legitimately eco-conscious. These products do not undergo serious chemical treatment processes, and they tend to decompose relatively quickly without emits toxins in the surrounding environs.

They are available in a variety of colors and designs. The selection is so wide in fact, one can use them in almost any style household or residence. Some enjoy just the natural bamboo for a more rugged or outdoorsy appearance. Some like the curtains painted with bamboo plants, or Hawaiian luau girls. And some even like a full-scale replication of a famous painting such as the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci on their curtains. Everything is out there – one just has to locate the right business or bamboo website.

Bamboo curtains offer several unique features. Bamboo is generally a much better insulator than say, vinyl, plastic, or cloth curtains do. This is because the material is denser and thicker. This added insulation not only filters unwanted light out exceptionally well, but it also keeps the heat or the A/C in, making for a more comfortable home. Cleaning regular fabric curtains is usually a real task, involving removing all of the shades, and taking them to a special laundromat or dry cleaners to properly clean them. Not with bamboo curtains however. The bamboo can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth and/or a vacuum. Obviously such methods would not work for the typical drape. Furthermore, not only will you have cleaner curtains more often, you’ll have your curtains for significantly longer than the usual shade. This is because bamboo is a hardy and durable material which can withstand the everyday wear and tear a curtain takes with great ease.

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