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Bamboo floors in your living room
Bamboo flooring business is booming these days in the ever-changing flooring industry here in Connecticut. This is because green is in. Green is where trends are heading and it is here to stay. Those in the flooring industry who are not wise to this yet are out of the loop. More and more people throughout CT are looking for alternatives to regular hardwood or vinyl flooring for both stylistic and environmental reasons.

Environmentally, bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials to employ in constructing flooring. As most people know, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on Earth; it can grow up to a foot a day. This is great because the faster something grows the more sustainable it is. Why is this the case? It is considerably more difficult to deplete sources of bamboo than, say, oak trees, because bamboo grows back so rapidly. In fact, it grows back in about 4 years or so, whereas an oak tree has to wait decades. Such sustainability allows natural ecosystems, which are supported by and often depend on their local bamboo, to remain even while commercial harvesting occurs. In contrast, wide-sweeping deforestation is taking place as a result of hardwood flooring demand. The deforestation that results from manufacturing hardwood floors destroys entire ecosystems filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of plants and animals, leaving us even more susceptible to climate change.

Another green benefit of bamboo flooring is that it is one of the most efficient converters of CO2 to O2 on the planet. This is also a result of its unsurpassed growing speed. For the faster a plant grows, the more CO2 it processes into O2. This means the more bamboo farms or harvesting centers erected, the greater the balancing force against the carbon compounds that are harmfully altering our Earth’s climate. On the other hand, because it takes so long to replenish tree farms, and since the trees are not as efficient as bamboo at carbon-neutralizing the planet, hardwood flooring products have a perceptibly worse impact on the welfare of the environment than bamboo flooring goods.

Bamboo flooring provides diverse looks.

Stylistically bamboo is really popular not just because green is chic, but because of the extraordinary ability of bamboo to present a diverse aesthetic. There is bamboo flooring that is styled just like hardwood floors. There are also very rugged looking bamboo products that are great for Eastern-style home motifs. In addition, bamboo is much less prone to splintering than many types of hardwood flooring and is thus pleasant for children to walk on barefoot. Bamboo floors tend to take on the temperature of the room as well. So in the winter they’re warm and in the summer they’re cool. This feature is available, though much less common with hardwood floors.

This bamboo boom started out in the Western US and is spreading swiftly to the East Coast. Westerners generally tend to be more eco-friendly as well as more into Asian styles and trends. Nevertheless, bamboo is here and the demand continues to mature. So whether potential vendor or potential purchaser, take a serious look at bamboo flooring – for there is seldom a better deal than when something makes both economic and environmental sense.

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